At Watermark 920, we are here to serve you - literally! 

With over a decade of experience in the event planning industry, we understand the needs of every occasion. Our bartenders are all TAM certified and trained and our business fully licensed and insured. We are here to help you take all the guess work out of how much you need to help keep the party going!

From a cash bar to individual bottles to open bars all night long, let us help you figure out your needs for your event! Our bars come fully stocked with all the necessary supplies for you and your guests. We are able to work individually with clients to create "Signature Cocktails" to add that extra special touch!

We do not only offer alcoholic beverages, we also have options for Non-Alcoholic beverages as well! From punch to coffee we've got all your bases covered!

Watermark 920 strictly adheres to the liquor laws of the State of Michigan. No alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverages may be brought into our facility from an outside source. 
No alcohol service will be provided to minors under the age of 21, as stated by law in the State of Michigan. Any person of questionable age must provide valid I.D to obtain alcoholic beverages. In the event that minors are observed drinking alcoholic beverages, the bar will close for the remainder of your event. 
Watermark 920 reserves the right to refuse alcohol service to anyone whose sobriety is questionable. Anyone who tries to obtain alcoholic beverages for a minor, or a person who has been refused bar service, will also lose their right to be served and will be asked to leave. The event host will be notified if any liquor liability issues arise and if they are not resolved, the event bar will be closed. 
Watermark 920 reserves the right to close the bar at any time.