Tips on Planning your Wedding

Your wedding should be exhilarating because it was a fantastic day, not because the planning was arduous. Our on-site event planning staff can help you plan the wedding of your dreams. Our dedicated staff will help you on the day of your wedding as well as along the way. Ask us about ways to customize your special day!

We offer linens, customized linen choices, vases, votive holders and various decor items. Contact us for options!

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Laurel Sass, general manager for the Watermark 920 event and conference center, said brides can choose the eco-friendly options that make sense for them, cut back on waste, and even increase the beauty and romance of their event.


Today's Brides Choose Environmentally Friendly Options


Brides don't have to wed barefoot in a meadow to be eco-conscious, said Watermark 920 event and Conference Center General Manager Laurel Sass.

"Weddings are meant to be grand affairs, but that doesn't mean they have to be wasteful," she explained. "Our event coordinator can help brides make eco-friendly decisions that actually add to the glamour of their events."

Good examples of common-sense environmentalism are already built into events at the Watermark 920, said Sass. The Watermark uses real glassware and tableware, and cloth napkins, eliminating the disposable, plastic utensils that end up immediately in landfills. Energy efficient lights turn on and off with movement.

Meeting with the event planner early can save gas, said Sass. "Our event planners save brides a lot of running around."

Here are some other green ideas for brides:

Less paper means less trash. Consider using email instead of mail when possible. At your events, properly separate recyclable materials.

Consider decorating with live plants instead of fresh cut flowers. Use locally grown floral -- less shipping cuts down on carbon emissions. Delegate the task of moving the pots from wedding to reception so they can do "double duty."

To be "green" with food preparation, have an accurate count for your caterer. Instead of a buffet, have a plated meal. Less waste also saves you money. Check into a locally-grown menu -- June is the perfect time for locally grown strawberries and cherries, July is peaches season, and August is great for blueberries.


Don't forgo the wedding toss! Glitter and plastic confetti are out. Consider bubbles -- they're beautiful and no sweeping up is necessary. For a more traditional toss, use dried lavender. It smells lovely, won't pollute, and can be bought in bulk.

Weddings, wedding dinners, and receptions can become over-the-top excessive. With a little planning, brides can choose the eco-friendly options that make sense for them, cut back on waste, and even increase the beauty and romance of their event.

Be sure to take full advantage of the venue's onsite event coordinator and all of the tips, advice and contacts they have to offer, Sass recommended. This person typically works with dozens if not hundreds of groups every year and is a great source of knowledge for you.

Set the head table off with a custom/colored linen

Try a round table or King Arthur style for a head table

Create a photo wall instead of a photo booth

Uplighting adds a ambience and is simple/budget friendly

Instead of a champagne toast, offer a signature drink

Try a champagne bar a.k.a. the bubbly bar, lemonade stand, gourmet coffee bar, martini bar etc. for variety

Take advantage of our spacious porch and capitalize on the beautiful West Michigan summer weather. Place a bar on the porch, desserts on the porch, indoor/outdoor seating etc.

Let guests know what they are eating. Place a menu at each table. Have name cards at your dessert station or candy table.

Instead of paper lanterns, hang decorative umbrellas from the ceiling.

Try a different room layout from the norm. Be daring! Consult your event coordinator for ideas.