About Us

Watermark Live is the event and promotions arm of the Watermark Center headed up by a group of event professionals, artists and musicians from the Muskegon area; our group draws on a collaborative, not competitive attitude to bring you the most diverse events imaginable. Our events are intended to intrigue, excite, inform, and most importantly entertain. Whether you're attending one of our installments of the Inside the MItten series, or dancing the night away at a Halloween extravaganza, or who knows what else we will come up with, you can bet you will have a great time. 


Sarah Sass, President – Watermark Center

Born and raised in Muskegon, Sarah Sass is the President of the Watermark Center, a real estate development firm that collaboratively works with local, regional and state officials to revitalize the million square foot former Shaw Walker Furniture Center into a multi-use urban destination. 


Revitalization efforts include Watermark Live. "I absolutely love my hometown and am proud to be a part of making Muskegon a place to live, work and create...and now with the addition of Watermark Live, a destination for unique, quality entertainment."


Sarah is named as one of the 40 under 40 business leaders in West Michigan by the Grand Rapids Business Journal, was named a Muskegon County Woman of Accomplishment, a Muskegon County Agent of Change and is an Athena Nominee. Sarah is a Board Member of Downtown Muskegon Now, Muskegon Winter Sports Complex, and formerly Board of Trustees for the Lakeshore Museum Center. She is  active in her community  and in her spare time she has skated on two roller derby teams.


Contact Sarah Sass at: sarah@watermarkcenter.com 



Do you have a suggestion for a show? Know of a must-see band? Chris is always looking for new music and event ideas and would love to hear from you.