About Us

Major chain coffee shops are big business and do a lot to make sure that customers choose their establishment over others. They tout special drinks, make drinks created just for Instagram, they offer price breaks, and even atmosphere as selling points. But no matter how much the chains try to sell themselves, each location remains pretty much the same.

The Coffee Factory, on the other hand is an independent establishment with it’s own personality. This little gem is located in former Shaw Walker Furniture Factory and nestled in the heart of the Nims Neighborhood in Muskegon, MI. The shop offers a unique environment with furniture created and crafted by local artist Mat Moore using found and upcycled materials from the former furniture factory. 100+ year old, original, blueprints adorn the walls as well as remnants culled from the factory. The Coffee Factory offers an experience as well as the very best, roasted in West Michigan coffee - from Madcap Coffee. http://madcapcoffee.com/index

When you support a local business, you’re also supporting your town, city, and neighborhood. Businesses pay sales taxes to the city and county the business is located in. That tax money is used to support public schools, parks, roads, and sidewalks, as well as fund public service workers, like firefighters.

Local businesses, like The Coffee Factory give back to their local communities and charities. The Coffee Factory is pleased to partner with many of our neighbors, friends and non profits as well as offer a beautiful space in which to meet. Community is the key ingredient in everything we brew.

The Coffee Factory offers Fresh (and local) food the food offerings at The Coffee Factory is a menu designed with freshness and quality in mind. Visitors can be assured that what is available has been freshly made and made with care and pride. We offer specialty baked goods and quiches from Happy Endings Gourmet Bakery - located right here in Muskegon. We also offer for breakfast and lunch a selection of fresh, local items and a broader menu when produce is in season. We also have gluten free items and a special menu just for kids. Here is a link to our menu highlighting our staple items: http://www.watermarkcenter.com/the-... new items are added and change as items become available as well as with the seasons.

Live, local events and pop up shops: We are pleased to offer a space that fosters art, hand-crafted fairs, painting classes and open mics.

The Coffee Factory has space to meet! Need to host an off-site business meeting or get together in a unique, cozy location? We have even hosted baby and bridal showers as well as birthday parties and graduation parties. Contact us today to reserve the space 231-747-9896 or sarah@watermarkcenter.com

Fun food & drink specials Pumpkin spice in fall and peppermint at Christmas appear in just about every café and eatery. But local coffee shops like The Coffee Factory aren’t bound by chain or franchise rules and can offer whatever specials they choose! If a manager or employee is feeling inventive, they may stir up a new drink that no one has tried before and offer it to patrons as a short-term special. Heat waves can bring fun tropical smoothies; snow storms may spawn a special, snowball-shaped treat in the dessert case. Without the restrictions of a “big name”, local shops have the freedom to be more creative with their selection, giving new and seasoned patrons a surprise.

Small businesses have just as much access to vendors (who also determine pricing, not stores) that big box businesses do. If a small business doesn’t have the products you want or need, ask them – they’re also usually much more receptive and willing to order them for you.

Intimate business/customer relationship Running into a big-name chain coffee shop and standing in line with dozens of others impatiently waiting for the morning pick-me-up takes the intimacy out of the business/customer relationship. We offer the same fresh and fast service and even have refillable travel mugs to take and go as well as a grab and go food menu to keep you moving! Often at chains the same people aren’t working behind the counter from morning to morning, or are hourly employees who aren’t thrilled about having to serve coffee starting at 5am. The Coffee Factory, however, has a small and dedicated employee base. Our baristas-and managers all live withing the local community and have the opportunity to get to know the regulars. This personalizes the coffeehouse experience and makes going out for coffee and a start to your day that much more friendly. Having a personal relationship with customers also allows us to respond quickly and accurately to customer feedback.The personality and intimacy of our small, independent coffee shop puts us a cut above the average chain. With creativity, eclectic atmosphere, and unique selection, why go for coffee anywhere else?