The former Shaw Walker Furniture factory is now The Watermark Center. The Watermark Center is a million square feet, mixed-use development in Muskegon, Michigan. The Coffee Factory is housed in a renovated part of the complex that once served as the factory.

About the Shaw Walker Furniture Factory:

In 1899, 2 men from Muskegon, A.W. Shaw and L.C. Walker formed Shaw-Walker and opened shop originally in the Opera House block. Their equipment consisted of 2 presses, a cutting machine and tabbers on which they printed and cut 3 x 5" index cards. This led to their first product line called a "system" housing the cards in small wooden cabinets with drawers. They focused on developing record-keeping systems and office equipment to help all types of business.

Steel filing cabinets made an appearance early in the century and Shaw-Walker introduced the first "Built Like a Skyscraper" steel cabinet in 1913. Shortly after, in 1929, they introduced "A work-organizing Desk." The real revolution came in 1937 with the launch of the new- "Low Desk for Comfort" with a new working height of 29" vs. the old industry standard of 30 1/2".

Throughout Shaw-Walker's history, amazing advances in office equipment occurred as a result of their persistence, engineering and ideas. The Shaw-Walker Company played an integral role in the introduction of labor and space-saving equipment into the business office


The booths, counter and tables in our shop were built and designed by local artist Mat Moore, using found and upcycled materials from the former Shaw Walker factory. Our shop is an homage to the Shaw Walker legacy and designed to preserve that history. The Coffee factory was designed and created all in house by our staff using local craftsmen, talent and trades.